Amidst the rise in cyber crimes, Liberia is trying to put some measures in place to get on top of the problem.

With the threat level being particularly high in this small West African country, the state owned Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO) has decided to use a multi—prune approach in grappling with the situation.

One of them is training in various aspects of cyber security.

Another measure being stepped up by LIBELCO is increasing the awareness level amongst local institutions in the public and private sectors to protect their networks and other electronic equipment against possible cyber attacks.

Such awareness was renewed at a just-ended three-day national Cyber Security training organized by LIBTELCO and

Hak Technology and TechMedia International in the capital, Monrovia.

Speaking at the training session in Monrovia, LIBTELCO’s Head of Cyber Security, Al-Hassan Sheriff explained that the training is aimed at sharpening the minds of participants and their institutions about the importance of Cyber Security.

He described the training as “timely in protecting technological materials which are important for all institutions.”

According to the LIBELCO official, the usage of Cyber Security to minimize technological threats cannot be overemphasized in Liberia, which is opened to possible cyber attacks by unscrupulous hackers.

“We as Liberians need to properly protect our networks and other electronic materials which we use to access the internet, coupled with doing other works which are important for the growth of our individual institutions,“ Sheriff cautioned.

“Based on the interest and feedbacks expressed by participants who attended the first national cyber security awareness late August of this year, it has encouraged LIBTELCO and its partners to organize another opportunity for institutions in Liberia to acquire knowledge about Cyber Security and its importance, in shielding institutional and personal networks, coupled with other electronic device,” the LITELCO official added.

Hak Technology’s General Manager, Edmund Kloh elaborated that protection of institutions in the public and private sectors in Liberia electronic appliance which are powerless against cyber attacks.

He said other technological threats should not be ignored by the participants and others on grounds that hackers destroy networks tactically.

Cyber hackers are very professional about attacking networks and other electronic materials, he reminded the training participants.

As such, it is advisable for all institutions to safeguard their networks with cyber security features, which could fight robustly possible cyber attacks.

The Hak Technology General Manager also admonished the participants about the protection of their networks and other electronic gadgets, which are used to access the internet.

“Hackers are noted for using any medium to launch attacks, if Cyber security features are not designed on networks and electronic materials, which are opened to potential threats or attacks,” Kloh said.

For his part, Desmond Israel, the chief trainer of the three-day training workshop said the utilization of Cyber security in Liberia should be the collective effort of all Liberians and other foreign residents.

Cyber security awareness helps to ensure that revenues, productivity and institutional’ integrity are maintained, he noted.

“The ignoring of Cyber Security could cause institutions integrity spoil urgently, based on cyber attacks by hackers who are prepared at all times to cause serious networks damage, thus causing problems for institutions, individual networks and other electronic device,” according to Desmond Israel.

The just-ended cyber security training in Monrovia was attended by workers from Liberia’s Ministries of Health and Social Welfare, Public Works, Security Expert Guard, the state own power company, Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), among others.

Meanwhile, several participants who work with the Central Bank of Liberia, Liberia Bank for Development and Investment, National Port Authority, Organge-Liberia, and Liberia Immigration Service are undergoing Cyber Security training for three days. Report by Martin Blayon - Full story

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