Customizable M&E Application

Looking for a Monitoring & Evaluation App?

H-M&E is an industry-leading strategy execution and M&E software that provides the complete suite of features you need in order to measure your project-level or organization-wide performance. You can create results frameworks, collect data across projects, and evaluate performance through analytics and dashboards. 
Designed expressly for non-IT users, H-M&E is a web-based solution that blends ease-of-use with raw analytical power to deliver a functional user experience. 
H-M&E can be deployed as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-premise.

Organizations adopt H-M&E because they wish to transform how they measure performance in pursuit of their organizational mission. In every project, we work collaboratively with our client to quickly adapt H-M&E to its requirements. The result is a client-branded M&E system that enables the organization to efficiently collect, analyze, and report on performance data. H-M&E can be deployed as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or on-permise.

Define and Track Key Performance Indicators

Timely, accurate and relevant information is critical to effective management of your organization. With H-M&E, you can measure your performance using your organization’s performance management plan (PMP), program hierarchy, M&E frameworks and key performance indicators (KPIs).

H-M&E can operationalize any kind of enterprise data architecture regardless of how wide-ranging or complex that may be. Use H-M&E to easily set baselines and targets for activities, define outputs, outcomes, impact and sustainability, and track progress toward those goals.

Online Data Entry

Make your data collection simpler and more efficient. Enter and update performance data directly through H-M&E’s web-based interface and get high quality and timely data inputs.

Offine Data Entry

Designed specifically for use in areas with limited or no Internet access Synergy H-M&E’s wide range of data entry features enable to enter data  in offline mode.

Mobile Data Entry

Synergy H-M&E aslo provide mobile data entry, which will enable you capture, edit and display performance data through smartphones and tablets.

Create Dashboards, Reports, Graphs and Maps

Promote transparency and accountability with H-M&E’s intuitive analytical interface. Track key indicators, enable performance monitoring results management through performing queries on the fly and visualizing results on real-time dashboards, charts, reports in a matter of seconds. Easily drill down or up, with data being automatically rolled up from the most granular level to the most aggregate corporate level. You can apply filters to slice and dice data and then save filtered analytical views for future one-click access. Share analytical views with colleagues or export them to Word, Excel, or PDF.

Link to appliction - cnfa-lada Management Information System

                           Liberia Agriculture Management Information System

                           Fed Online data repository