E-Learning Application

Elearning and Exam Management App

The digital e-learning platform is designed and developed as a methodology to support and impart training to Students and professionals. This application also elables students or professtionals to take an online test and is immediately scored. If the desired scores are met, the participants gets a certificate immediately.

This software is custom-developed to allow users of private and public institutions to access specialized training resources online and complete tests per course for their capacity building and skills acquisition. The software also enables department supervisors to track the progress of participants on the online training and generate reports on their progress and performance.

The software is developed considering UI and UX designs. Our team aimed to drive user adoption and satisfaction for your product with an eye for future growth. We performed user-centric analysis to align its overall experience with project goals and user needs.

To ensure that only authorized persons gain access to and use the resources of the Platform, we have taken adequate security measures to prevent intrusion by foreign parties and protect the integrity of the processes, processors and content shared on the Platform.

Modes of operation
The software is a browser-based application and compatible with LAN, WAN and hand-held devices such as Tablets and Android-powered devices. When installed on these devices, the App doesn’t need any major configuration before use. With its robust processing speed, it uses less computer resources, making it perfect for Android-powered mobile devices.

This Platform has three modes of operation: Desktop, Web/Internet and Mobile. These three different modes are explained below:

Desktop Mode:
When installed on a LAN/WAN, the Platform functions offline and can be connected to and accessible by all computers connected to that LAN/WAN. This type of connectivity enables users across its local network to access the Platform based on their access rights and credentials.

Mobile Mode:
This mode of operation is suitable for those that are digitally mobile. They can access the Platform from any geographical location in the world by simply logging onto it through their mobile devices.

Internet/Web Mode:
The Internet mode enables users to connect directly to the web version of the application and upload content and plan courses depending on their user profiles and access credentials. This e-learning Platform is currently accessible on this mode. Users log in online to access learning resource materials. All backend processes and configurations and learning are executed online.

Other possibilities:
The software can be installed on local servers and connected to the LAN or WAN to be used on other computers. In this Desktop mode, the App is designed to allow content to be uploaded on the local server and synchronized with its web backup version. This will enable authorized users access the Platform from any geographical location.

Administrative Control Panel
The Application has an administrative Control panel that allows a users with administrative credentials to setup and configure the courses, exam per course and certificates.  All Facilitators can be added to the platform and assign to the number of courses of interested.

All would be students or professional can log to the platform online and register with a valid email. Once registration is completed the individual can log in to access the the available course after completion request an exam to obtain a certificate.

This App can also be setup for schools and universities doing entrance exams.  Also professional institutions offering certifactions can us this app.