Who we are

HAK Technology is a Liberian owned ICT solution company established since 2010. We deliver custom innovative, sustainable, secured and affordable ICT solutions. We have qualified and skilled IT experts that have been in the IT business more than 18 years.  We are experienced in database modeling, System Designs, Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare/Defense Training & Awareness, Web & Mobile Application Development. All of our services are custom designed to meet every individual client need. 

We understand that every individual customer needs are different and so we partner with them to custom develop applications that are tailored for their specific business needs.  We are amongst few of the companies in Liberia that take customer’s concept from paper to Working product.  Our customers are companies/Institutions of all sizes ranging from start-ups to large enterprises who realize that they need a professional ICT solution to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations

HAK Technology partners with companies in and out of Liberia to deliver cutting edge solutions based on certain needs and requirements to ensure our customer gets value for money. We tailor our business model to work with any budget that is affordable for our client to ensure every client experience the power of ICT in this competetive evolving buisiness world to give them client a boost to compete internationally and increase productivity.  


Our Vision

Being the most reliable and dependable  one-stop shop secure  ICT Solution Partner.


Our Mission

Delivering innovative, affordable reliable and sustainable custom developed solutions for all. We do this by understanding that our success is tied with the success of our client.

Core Values

Our values stems from the 4Qs principle

  • Employ and maintain Quality Personnel
  • Ensure that Quality Process is upheld

Why Choose us

We deliver quality

Excellence (Quality) in Customer service is our hallmark. We balance a customer's perceptions of the value of a particular service with the customer's need for that service. Throughout the product’s life cycle (development, Impleme


Timely delivery of every product is part of our core values.  We succeed in doing this because every project we undertake the customer’s participation at every phase is mandatory making them a part of the team. Thus, giving


Our passion for what we do pushes us beyond the scope of every project…. We demonstrate this by placing our client’s satisfaction at the core of the work.  Because we are passionate to keep each individual client happy, every project is treated with the same level of p


HAK Technology is a team. Our sole focus is on making our clients’ businesses run as successfully as possible. We’re a dedicated, highly skilled group of professionals who have been involved with the ICT Sector for many years. Although we represent a cross-section of profess