SGBV Crime Reporting & Monitoring App

SGBV Crime Reporting & Case Management

The Sexual & Gender Based Violence and other Crimes recording, reporting and monitoring application is code- named “SGBV-TRAK”. This software is custom-developed to record and report Sexual & Gender Based Violence, Domestic Violence and the other related crimes. The software is developed considering following UI and UX design. 

To ensure data quality and prevent unauthorized manipulation of data processed or being processed, the SBGV-TRAK is developed with a three level processing schema namely: Data Entry User, Data Verification User and Data Approval User.

Mode of operation:
The SGBV-TRAK is a browser-based application with capabilities of work on a LAN, WAN or the Internet without having to do any major configuration. With robust processing speed, it uses less computer resources, making it suitable to function on an android powered mobile devices.

This app has three mode of operation: Desktop, Mobile and Web/Internet.

Desktop Mode:
When installed on a LAN/WAN, it functions offline and can be reached by all computers connected to that LAN. This type of connectivity enables users across the network to process data based on their user credentials.

Mobile Mode:
This mode of operation is suitable for data collection and reporting offsite. it allows for data to be collected offline in the absence internet connectivity, it can be synchronized to an online server for further processing and storage. In the absence of computers, mobile devices can also be used for data processing.

Internet/Web Mode:
The Internet mode enables users to connect directly to the web version of the application and process data as per their user credentials.

Other possibilities:
Even in Desktop Mode, when enabled, data processed can be synchronized with the web backup version to enable users to process and report from any geographical location based on their user credentials.

The Application Administrator has the credentials to create users for the application and assign their privileges. The Administrator configures the application.

Data Entry:
The User with Data Entry credential is the only user with the rights to input, delete or modify data in the system.

Data Verification User
This user only has the credential to verify the data in progress and move it to the last level for final approval. However, if after verification this User sees inconsistencies in the data, he can send back the data with comments to the Data Entry User for correction.

Data Approval User
Data Approval User approves all of the data sent to him for report to be generated or rejects and comments on it for correction down to the Data Verification User and he in turn sends it to the Data Entry User for required changes.

The user with this credential can generate reports from all approved data.

The Application produces fixed report as per the your desired reporting template and also produces filtered reports as per the user’s requirements. These reports can be output to the following format: pdf, Excel, and or MS Word.

Security features:
Password protection for secure transaction
Users access and permission are configured by the Admin
Trace and track transaction of every user leaving an audit trail of user interaction and data movement.